Ningbo Geach Supply Chain Management Co.,Ltd is the earliest
of the trade supply chain service provider in Ningbo. Company fo
cused on beer, wine import fields, and has its own international tr
ademark. Companies to provide consumers with wine service at the
same time, the supply chain upstream and downstream enterprises
to provide planning and design, procurement outsourcing, logistics and
implementation, financial settlement, marketing agency, e-commerce supp
ly chain services to customers and share resources to create value for customers.

Organization Chart

Products and Services
Marketing agency
Industrial design
Alcoholic products

Corporate Culture

Our vision

As the pioneer of supply chain

Our mission

To build an effective supply chain platform, sharing resources to customers and create value for customers

Our value

Enhance the overall value of the supply chain Let customers get benefits Let the staff progress

Our practice

Specification development :
Enterprise of integrity 、Integrity management 、Integrity staff、Integrity services 、Integrity tax
Professional work, rigorous life
Accord development
Enterprise employees common progress

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